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Coaching Curriculum

  • The Covenant ~ How to create the solid foundation upon which to build your union

  • The Confidence ~ How to embody the certainty in self to authentically show up in your relationship

  • The Chemistry ~ How to establish and maintain the stimulation your relationship needs to sustain

  • The Communication ~ How to speak clearly from your heart and not your head

  • The Coins ~ How to manage finances transparently and increase wealth

  • The Children ~ How to plan for and raise children without sabotaging your relationship

  • The Counseling ~ How to fortify your marriage, come what may

  • Before You Jump! ~ A preparatory "bridal showering" of insights and expert tips to catalyze confidence and boost self-esteem!


  • What is Before Boaz™?

    Before Boaz™ is the groundbreaking signature group coaching experience that teaches any woman to ATTRACT the love she truly desires and MAGNETIZE that love for LIFE. Before Boaz™ provides the ultimate preparation to master self-love and annihilate limiting beliefs. More than philosophical strategies and "happy talk" widely available from self-proclaimed "experts," Before Boaz™ addresses the total needs of the woman, from increased self-esteem and authenticity, to healthy boundaries and intimacy. Before Boaz™ Graduates are informed and prepared to marry/reignite the fire in their marriage with CONFIDENCE!

  • Is this course just for young women?

    Before Boaz™ is for ANY woman interested in breaking the cycle of unpreparedness. Any woman willing to unlearn self-sabotaging behaviors, annihilate limiting beliefs, master authentic self-love, adjust expectations and embrace the true purpose of both singleness & marriage is the type of client that will best succeed.

  • How is the coaching structured?

    Before Boaz™ is a 5 month group coaching experience. Group coaching sessions are held once per week for 75 mins via Zoom. Additionally, each Before Boaz™ client receives 1 monthly 1:1 Check-In with Shanoria.

  • Is anything else included in the package?

    YES! Before Boaz™ clients receive all the coaching described above as well as 1 VIP Masterclass Pass to the "I Promise to Love Me...Before Boaz" LIVE event happening February 7th, 2021.

  • When Can I Start?

    The next Before Boaz™ experience begins January 3rd, 2021.

My Why...

I am on a mission to Save 1,000,000 Marriages BEFORE they even begin by Educating, Equipping, and Empowering Ladies BEFORE they ever become brides.

What People Are Saying...

Absolute GOLD

by Kelci Graves

I am so excited to see that Shanoria has packaged all of the GOLDEN NUGGETS that she provides in her coaching sessions into one comprehensive experience! She truly is INCREDIBLE! I tell her all the time that she should charge more, but she is so driven to help as many as possible and we truly love her for that. The truth is, there are so many scammers out there who couldn't care less about their clients. They just want to make a dollar. Shanoria is the exact opposite. Her coaching is AMAZING! She really knows how to help you heal. In my sessions, I felt a new woman. I owe my ability to show up in my marriage to her. She has truly changed my life and I can only imagine what the ladies who join the Before Boaz™ group coaching will experience given all that she has packed into it. Her coaching is ABSOLUTE GOLD!

My Angel

Amanda S.

I call Shanoria My Earthly Angel because that is truly what she is. NEVER have a I seen a young woman so wise beyond her years. Her passion is so obvious after just a few moments of speaking with her. Whenever I seek her out to work through tough times, her skills amaze me. Its apparent that she has spent time truly learning about relationships and challenges that women face. Her knowledge and coaching skills enable her to change lives. I only wish I could have experienced her coaching before I married. Then perhaps the first few years would have been a bit more smooth. Nevertheless, I am happy to have Shanoria in my life now and am so grateful for My Earthly Angel.

Exactly What I Needed

Garrett N.

I don't even know where to begin to describe how valuable Shanoria has been in my daughter's life. When my wife passed away unexpectedly, I worried that I would not have the ability to help my daughter and guide her in the manner she needed to prepare for marriage. But Shanoria has been a LIFESAVER! She really connected with my daughter in the very first session and since then, I've seen my daughter grow in confidence and ambition. She isn't as boy-crazy as she was before. She seems more...secure in herself. I wish I could take the credit for her progression but I know it's not me. I am just glad Shanoria has supported us so much. Now I know that both her grades and standards are high. As a father, to know your daughter refuses to accept less than the best in any area of her life is PRICELESS.

Stop Playing and TAKE THE CLASS!

Belinda W.

This is SO NEEDED! All I can tell you is that THIS is the type of information that EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE. I know that young women come to mind for a course like this, but I am in my late 40s and this has changed the game for me! Shanoria had me screaming at the knowledge she was dropping. It just all makes so much sense! Why wasn't I taught this before????? I don't know, but what I do know is this: EVERY YOUNG WOMAN IN MY FAMILY will have this experience before she is 25. PERIOD. It's that important and the information is just that great. Now that everything is packaged up into a virtual group and is available to take right at home, there's truly NO EXCUSES! Take the class with this coach and change your life.


Taylor Matthews

My first experience with Shanoria was at my church when she blew us all away! She basically had me at GOOD EVENING! It's obvious that she truly has a gift. Her genuine spirit is just what is needed considering the subject matter that she addresses. More than anything, I appreciated just how down to earth she is and how transparent she is about her past struggles. Shanoria is so easy to connect to and she is so engaging. She is a talented teacher and an inspiring coach. I am excited that more people can experience her sessions because they are so awesome! I owe my current marriage engagement and embodied self-esteem to her. Her session on communication ALONE changed me forever! I know I wouldn't be where I am today without her. If you are on the fence, give her coaching a try. You will thank me later! So many have already!

P.S. Before Boaz is a SPECTACULAR GIFT for the Bride-to-Be

Skip the vase, frame, and cookware and give the gift that will REALLY help her make her house a home!